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Leasing Information

Full Year:   One Resident
       Garden Level$776 to $784/mo
       Balcony Levels$820 to $836/mo

School Year:   One Resident
       Garden Level$868 to $876/mo
       Balcony Levels$910 to $926/mo

Second Resident
Add $50/mo to each rate

Summer Only
       Garden Level$566 to $574/mo
       Balcony Levels$610 to $626/mo

Other Helpful Information About Costs
     The Security Deposit varies from $750 to $950, depending on the lease term, and it is refunded after the lease ends. You may be surprised to learn that we pay a 1% annual interest on the Security Deposit if there are no deductions from it at the end of the lease. Our experience is that most residents do receive the interest payment. Beyond the $25 application fee, which is credited toward the Security Deposit if a lease is signed, the only additional expense is the non-refundable $130 cleaning fee due at signing of the lease.

So, What Makes an Apartment a "Good Value"?
     We understand that everyone will define "value" in his or her own way, but we think that most people would say it's a combination of location, cost, comfort, furnishings and "ambience". We believe 711 Burcham Apartments has one of the best combinations available in East Lansing and we think that most people who visit us will agree. Here are some specifics:

  • Our apartments are spacious, well-furnished and comfortable. They are priced competitively and in a pleasant part of East Lansing.
  • A walk to campus takes about ten minutes and it is faster on a bicycle.
  • We are on the municipal bus line, so travel elsewhere within the metro area is convenient for those without a car.
  • There is parking for every apartment and free Wi-Fi.
  • Heat is included in the lease payment. It is not costly electric heat.
  • There are dishwashers and disposals.
  • Most residents are grad students, who tend to be quieter and focused on their educations, with a few "permanent" residents that are easy to be around.
  • We are reasonable and friendly and we look forward to personally showing you one of our comfortable units.

How To Follow-Up With Us
     Please give us a call at 517-324-7110 or send us an email by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab. If we are not available immediately by phone, leave your number on the answering machine and we will call you back soon.
Thanks for checking out our website.

711Burcham Apartments LLC
John, Manager

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