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711 Burcham Apartments
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711 Burcham Apartments
2020 Late Spring/Summer Update

      It's been a confusing spring for everyone, what with trying to understand the COVID-19 outbreak, online classes, shelter-in-place, etc. So, we are sorry to report, somewhat to our surprise and despite all the stresses for everyone, that we now have nothing available until next year! Not sorry that we are fully booked, of course, but sorry we cannot accommodate others we would enjoy having with us. Nevertheless, if you are still checking things out, we know that other good places are still available and we wish you well in your search.

      When it comes to thinking about 2021, if you find you need a change, please read on and give us a call if our quiet place seems to fit your needs at that time.

      Have a great summer and fall and, of course, Stay Safe!

Thank you,
John, Manager

Who We Are and What We Offer

There is a lot here, divided into three parts:
(Unless you just have to move on, we suggest you read them all. You may find some items that will help you even if you look elsewhere!)
  • Notes About Our Leasing Philosophy:
  • What 711 Burcham Apts has to offer: (This Is Useful!)
  • Some Interesting Explanations For: Why we begin leasing as late as we do; why we offer the possibility for you to receive interest on your Security Deposit; what improvements we have made to 711 Burcham in the past and hope to make in the future; and some history about the all-important internet access.

      1.Our Leasing Philosophy: Most of our residents are grad students, whom we like, and we believe that fair dealing between ourselves and our residents is the key to successful relationships. So that is the way we work. You may wonder why we don't begin marketing until late January or early February. Of course, we are always pleased when we have inquiries, so it mostly has to do with the problem that many grad students face who find out their plans late in the year: finding a place to stay. Even though leasing begins late, we do keep a list of those who call early and express an interest. We contact them promptly when leasing begins, so that may help some who do know their plans early. Nevertheless, we have always had attractive apartments after the early callers and we look forward to showing them, too.

      There is more interesting information below, so, if you have questions after you review these notes, please either email us at: or call us at 517-324-7110. We'd be happy to answer questions and give you a sense of how well you would be received at 711 Burcham Apartments.

      2. What 711 Burcham Has To Offer: (Skip to Part 3 if you get bored.)
      We are a small family concern that treats our residents well. We offer comfortable, spacious, well-furnished one-bedroom apartments at competitive prices. We are easy to talk to and we respond personally to questions and worries.
      Some details: 711 Burcham Apartments is a quiet East Lansing apartment building with furnished one-bedroom apartments. Almost all residents are grad students, some international, who like living fairly close to campus but away from the commercial bustle.
      Heat is included (it is not costly electric heat) and there is parking for every apartment. There is a coin laundry available and free Wi-Fi for every apartment. (More in Part 3). We are on the city bus line and all upper level apartments have balconies. Among other furnishings, there are twin beds, dressers, desks, living room furniture and lamps. Kitchens have dishwashers, disposals, ranges, and refrigerators. Most residents personalize their apartments, too. The interior views show items we provide as well as residents' personal enhancements.
      The building is well-constructed, kept in good repair, and has always met the City of East Lansing Housing Code. We have deep ties to MSU and have long enjoyed our good relationships with residents.

      3. Interesting Explanations: As noted above, we begin our leasing in late January or early February but, before then, we put early interested callers on a call-back list. Our start time may seem late to you and it is later than most student-oriented apartments, nevertheless, it is our traditional time. (Below, we explain why.) Beyond that, we offer school-year and full-year leases that are competitive and we look forward to your inquiries.
      To repeat, somewhat, about our late start, especially if you are a grad student (or are just curious), this is why: It's because our residents are nearly all grad students. We like them and we know that grad admissions are frequently confirmed later in the school year so grads often do not know they need a place until long after the usual rental season begins. We think our later start works better for both sides. Additionally, some current residents do not know their own plans until later and we make sure they can continue with us before we begin new leases. We don't plan to change that strategy.
      Regarding those Security Deposits: Yes, we do pay interest on them so long as there are no deductions. Here is our reasoning: We see the Security Deposit as being the resident's own money which we hold to cover any additional resident responsibilities beyond their monthly lease payment, at the end of the lease term. If the Deposit had been banked, it would have earned a modest interest before withdrawal and we think it should work that way for our residents, too. It turns out, we believe, that our thinking has worked well for both sides. How many departing residents get the interest? Most of them. We don't just "talk the talk"; we also "walk the walk".
      That noted, here is some more, including more about the Wi-Fi. (By the way, we are "Smoke Free", a well-accepted change we instituted several years ago.)

  • We have made many upgrades over the past several years, including new dishwashers, disposals, ranges and range-hoods; new bathroom vanities, sparkling new kitchen cabinets with new fixtures; new Pella windows and even a new boiler before that (who thinks about boilers, anyway?); and, recently, new vertical blinds in all apartments. The latest? It's new toilets. Toilets? Yes. They have improved, too: The new ones are more environmentally friendly and have a much more efficient "flush engine". We like to keep up and we plan to do more this year.

  • Wi-Fi Info: Wi-Fi is available in all apartments. We have done our best to make it high-quality with broad bandwidth. Here is what we have done: We first offered free Wi-Fi more than six years ago and learned very soon that everyone wants more bandwidth. Because of that, we have already doubled the bandwidth twice and increased the number of wired transmitters. Summer before last we were able to bring into the building a dedicated high speed fiber-optic line, something previously unavailable, which has more than doubled bandwidth, again. The Wi-Fi works well now but, in an attempt to keep up with progress, we are trying to determine if there is any feasible way to retrofit each apartment with a dedicated fiber-optic line. No decision about that at the moment, but it is at least on our "wish list".

      So, that's it! We think you will like us and encourage you to call with questions. Thanks for checking us out.

John, Manager

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